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Developer Never5
Version 1.1.0
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Makes and Models Sync

With the Makes and Models Sync extension you can add 108 makes and over 1800 models into your WP Car Manager website with a single click.
WP Car Manager - Makes and Models Sync

108 Makes & 1812 Models

Our Makes and Models Sync extension comes with all well known makes like Audi, BMW, Ford and Opel. For every make we also included all of their models. In total you will have 108 new makes and over 1800 new models after using this extension!

Easily Updatable

Our extension will not add any makes or models that already exist. So you can rerun the sync process multiple times without getting any duplicates. This is also great for running the sync process yearly, easily adding new models.

Select What You Sync

You control what makes you want to sync. You can choose to import all of the included makes or just a couple of your choosing.

We will update the plugin yearly to add newly released models (and perhaps even makes).