WP Car Manager WooCommerce Paid Listings


Licenses are yearly subscriptions, you can cancel at any time.

Personal licences are valid for one website, Business licenses for 5 websites and a developer licence is valid for 20 websites.

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Version 1.1.2
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Paid Listings

Paid Listings for WP Car Manager powered by WooCommerce. Setup purchasable car listing packages which can be purchased during frontend car submission. Requires the WooCommerce plugin.
WP Car Manager WooCommerce Paid Listings Select Package Screen

Start Selling in Minutes

With our Paid Listings extension you can start selling car listings on your websites in minutes. The only thing you’ll have to do is create a newly available Car Package product in WooCommerce and you’re good to go.

WP Car Manager WooCommerce Paid Listings Setup Car Packages

Setup Your Own Packages

Charge $2.99 for a single listing but also have a package that contains 5 listings for $9.99? No problem. Have a default listing duration of 30 days for free listing but want to sell 90 days of listing for $3.99? You got it. You can setup as many Car Packages as you like, any way you like.

WP Car Manager WooCommerce Paid Listings WooCommerce Order Screen

WooCommerce Powered

The Paid Listings extension integrates with the #1 e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This gives you all the power WooCommerce offers you out of the box like its clean order management and allows you to use all of its extensions. You can start selling car listings with any WooCommerce payment gateway, accounting integration or marketing extension you like.

Finally, the Paid Listings extension comes with it’s own overridable template so you can customize it any way you like!