Adding Vehicles

You will notice a new sidebar item in your admin area called Car Manager which is where you can start adding your files. Click 'Add New' either from the Car Manager page, or within the sidebar, to add your first car.

When adding a car, you will notice the interface matches that of posts and pages Start by giving your car a title. Note that the car title doesn't have to be just the car make and/or model, many use this field as the sales pitch of the car!

Content and Short Description

Enter the car description in the content field, the content field will only be displayed on your car's detail page. The short description will be displayed in your car listings result page.

Car Data

The car data meta box contains all the car data fields like make and model. Data enter here will be displayed at the listings and detail pages but will also be used to narrow down searches.

Makes and Models are managed at a separate page, click here to learn more about managing makes & models!
Enter plain data in the car data fields. If a car has 12,000 mileage, enter 12000. The plugin will format your data based on your settings.


Car features like ABS or Bluetooth can be added in the Features meta box. You can select features that you've already added on other vehicles or add new features when adding a new car. Your feature will be displayed nicely in a list on the car's detail page.


The featured image will generate a thumbnail that will be used in the listings page and will be the first image on your car's detail page. In the car gallery meta box you can add as many images as you like. Thumbnails of the gallery images will be displayed on the car's detail page, when clicked they will create an overlay gallery.

You can sort the Car gallery images by drag and dropping their position in the meta box!

When you are done, hit publish to make the car live.

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