Change How Dates are Displayed

By default WP Car Manager will display your dates in the following format: m-Y. The m will out the month and the Y will output the year. So if you add a car which was first registered on January 1st 2005, the plugin will display this as 2015-01 by default.

Because there are so many ways of outputting dates, we made the date format a free input field. This means you can display the dates in any way you want. You can use these variables that will turn into these values:

Variable Value
d The day
m The month
Y The year

You can separate these variable with any character you like, by default we separate them with dashes (-) but you can also use a forward slash for example (/).

You can set the date format  via the plugin settings
You can set the date format via the plugin settings


To make it a bit easier, we’ve made some example date formats you can use. Each example will also have an example date output.

These examples all use the following date: October 1st, 2005

Format Example
d-m-Y 01-10-2005
Y/d/m 2005/01/10
Y 2005

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