Submit Car Form

Upon installation the plugin you will be allowed to let WP Car Manager setup 3 pages, including the ‘Submit Car Page’ (could be translated to your websites language) page that contains our [wpcm_submit_car_form] shortcode.

To allow users to submit their listings to your website, simply add the [wpcm_submit_car_form] to a page. You can change the behavior of the form by going to the Car Submission tab in your WP Car Manager settings. Here you can change settings like the default listing duration, if user can create a new account while they create a listing and the default role new users will get.

If you allowed to plugin to create the page via the installation screen everything will be setup correctly. If you manually created the page, please don’t forget to set your new page as the Submit Car Page in the Pages tab of your WP Car Manager settings.

Shortcode Attributes

The Submit Car Form shortcode has not attributes.

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